Ombré nails; Coral to Pink

Hi everyone! I know I've been away for a while again (slaps wrist) but I don't like to blog for the hell of it so I have to feel in the mood to sit down and write a blog post! 
After much boredom with my mono-coloured nails I thought I'd have a play with my nail polish collection and this is what I came up with! Oh and please excuse my scruffy hands, I have really rough skin in the winter :(
I adore this look as the majority of my collection is pink/coral so to be able to incorporate it into one look was a huge breakthrough for me!
L-R; Rimmel - Instyle Coral, Barry M - Pink Flamingo, Rimmel - Strawberry Fizz, Barry M - Hot Pink, Barry M - Strawberry Ice cream
I think all of these colours are beautiful and I will certainly be doing this look again :) If you're interested in more nail posts/polish collections, do let me know!

Katy xo.


  1. Loving Strawberry Fizz!
    Need to get that colour:)
    Love your blog sweetie xox


    1. Oh thank you hunny! Strawberry Fizz is lovely, smells beautiful when it's dry :)