The Happenings.

I've been spending alot of time with my best friend/mum. We have our own little spot that we travel to weekly, a place that we know as Bridge 13. Spookiest. Place. Ever.
We just stand on the bridge and see how many honks we can get from the trains! What a life we lead.. Haha!

I unfortunately lost my best friend in the world, my beautiful Sheltie, Jasmine. Some things happen too suddenly. :( 26/06/00 - 14/08/11 <3

My mum being the angel she is, bought me a new Sheltie puppy. (I could never have just one dog!) Meet Poppy, my 16 week old little monkey :)

I went to Florida! Being the typical moaning Brit, I couldn't hack the heat. ha. But it was a beautiful two weeks in the sun none-the-less. Being cheaper in the states, I got myself a few goodies! (who doesn't?) Picked up some of my beloved MAC :)) I finally got myself some Studio Sculpt foundation which I'm loving but unfortunately cannot wear at the moment due to my disgusting skin! Biggest breakout on my forehead = bumpy flaky foundation. grr. I seriously need a new skin routine that actually works :(

Now I'm off to enjoy our lovely little heatwave we're having! And by enjoy I mean clean the windows.. hmm.
I hope everyone has been enjoying the sun too! It won't last long so live it up ;)

Katy xo.

p.s. Is anyone else having issues with previews on here?? I can't preview a post or a design. Sigh.