Hello, hello, hello! I've neglected my blog - I'm sorry! Well I'm back now anyway. Alot has been going on lately so I haven't had the chance to sit down and write something. The weather has been up and down and now thankfully up again, my puppy Rosie is growing up fast, I've been trying to get some decorating done, shopping for things I don't need and sadly my grandad passed away this monday and well as you can see I couldn't slot in a blog post!

I had a well needed day with my mum yesterday. The weather was lovely so we did a bit of shopping and drove around parking in random places to sit in the sun! Oh I do love my mum <3 One of the things I picked up from shopping was a gorgeous new notebook as my pretty Hello Kitty one ran out of room :(
I think it's lovely!
Perfect to go in my new River Island satchel :) I purchased the one I mentioned in my last blog post, well the same but in cream! I got it from asos with my £9 for £20 voucher from Groupon! So it was a good move because it was cheaper! Originally £36.99 and still avaliable in R.I and asos.
Another recent purchase from asos is something I've wanted for ages and couldn't resist the fact it was only £6!! And that is a plain black bandeau top.. Nothing exciting but thought it'd be perfect for on holiday or in the summer!
This stunning dress is what I ordered on Wednesday to wear for the funeral. I picked this because it'd look gorgeous with black tights so it's be suitable :) Plus, it could be used for nights out, parties, anything really! That was £35 and also from asos. I can't wait for it to arrive, I hope it fits.. Fingers crossed!!
Here's a little update picture on Rosie! Oh how she's grown! 14 weeks old already, where does the time go!
Just so my other dog doesn't feel left out, here is my absolutely gorgeous Shetland Sheepdog, Jasmine!!
No matter what she will always be my baby!! And I know it sounds mean but she will always be my favourite too :) I can't get over the fact she will be 11 in June :( She's getting old too quick! This photo was taken at my grandparents holiday cottage in Norfolk last year. She loves it there, a 5 minute walk from the coast and the highest point in the village with 360 views! I must go again and take lots of pictures for you all :)

I hope you're all well and enjoyed my monster post! Thank you for reading, I appreciate it :)

Katy xo.