So I created a tumblr account. I really don't understand it as of yet..! Maybe it's simpler than I think but I don't know haha. This is where I'll post more daily things like webcam pictures etc. I'd really appreciate it if I had some followers but beggars can't be choosers eh? ;)
My page is: http://whatkatydid-x.tumblr.com/ take a look if you like!

Would be lovely if any of you that have an account would leave me a link to yours! (I'm so nosey haha)
Thanks babes!

Katy xo.


Holiday let.

Hey everyone. Just spent hours sorting out a new blog just for our holiday cottage and thought some of you might like to see it? I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to being creative with a blog layout so let me know what you think! Any changes I should make to it?? Uhhh. Help!

Here's the link to the blog: http://stnicholascottage.blogspot.com/ thanks for looking guys!

Katy xo.


A long overdue post.

Hey everyone! It's been a while.. Too long maybe? I haven't had the motivation to sit down and write a blog post. Hope you're all good!
I've got a few new treats recently. First is a pair of shoes I bought last year from Schuh, I couldn't afford to keep them and took them back :( boo! But after a lot of moaning and regrets about them my dad bought them for me to keep me quiet for a while!! When I had them they were £67 but they've gone up to £68, not a big deal really!

I more than adore them!! I'm so happy I've got them again and they're my only pair of 'going out' shoes that I own so I'm in awe :) I've tried on every piece of clothing I own with these and they literally go with everything!

I also got myself some new Barry M polishes to add to my growing collection. Bright Pink, Pink Flamingo and Clear are my newest additions along with my new White nail effects! I would've taken a picture but unfortunately my first attempt was appalling!! Turns out, you need to use more than you think or it looks a little faded and there's too many crackly bits! Haha.

Got a few goodies from River Island, one of which is some white linen trousers with cuffs around the ankles. I can't find a picture of them on the website, though. (I must do a picture a picture post soon!!)

This top appealed to me instantly! I love the 80's style and this stood out to me for that reason, clean cut-off sleeves and slightly cropped. Perfect! The best £19.99 I've ever spent! And I must say, it has become my favourite top very quickly, most worn probably too? Ha..

I lovelovelove this cropped white vest. It's perfect for summer and/or holidays!! I need a holiday now.. All these summer clothes!! It was only £6.99 too! Bargaaain!

To top off my new collection I got these sandals from New Look.

I think they're so pretty and simple! (And only £7.99) Ohh I do love summer. It just needs to hurry up now!!

I almost forgot, we got a new T.V!! It gives me more of a reason to stay in all day now..! (At least until the cold and rainy days are over!) 51" HD and 3D. Yes, 3D!! Ahhh! Which means I got to have the old T.V. The one I had was a little 17" one. Aww. Now I have a huge 37" taking up my entire desk, which means no make up space! :( At least I'll have more motivation to finish decorating my bedroom and make more space!

Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy boring post! Haha.
Looking forward to hearing from you all :)
Oh and I promise my next post will be better..! I need suggestions on what to do? Fotd? Ootd? Help!

Speak soon my loverliess!
Katy xoxo.