Not much to say.

Hello all :) Haven't really got alot to say as I haven't been out much. Boo! My puppy finally got a name, Rosie, and I've done a little bit of internet shopping so the stuff should arrive Monday! Fingers crossed..
I will admit I did edit the below picture a tiny bit as I forgot to take it in daylight and my room's all dark :( I promise you the pink walls in my bedroom aren't a vile shade like that! When my room is finished being decorated I might just show you it! Doubt anyone would want to see it but yeah.. Haha.. Anywayyy, moving on..

One of the items already arrived which is the 'It's Raining Men' shower gel by Lush which was £4.25 for 100g as recommended by SWalkerMakeup which smells beaut but I'm yet to try it. I just can't get over the honey scent, it's amazing! They also sent me a 45g 'Smitten' Almond hand cream which is gorgeous. It would normally cost you £6.70 for 100g but I think they felt a little sorry for me as I bought something small and paid a fair bit on postage! Not something I would usually go for but I love it! Thanks Lush for the freebie! I will post some pictures of my mini haul when everything's here and do a proper blog post for once..! There is a little range of things I ordered so it'll be a mixed post but all the more fun.

Another thing.. My blog needs a little make over I think!? The font kind of annoys me, what do you think? Ideas would be a god send! Not quite sure what I'd want as my banner, I'm idea-less :( help!

Katy xo.

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